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Custom domain via Cloudflare setup tips

Couple of things that I still do not understand from all the available instructions:

  1. Having two options as a default domain where only one option actually works - Why would you display “Set as default” on root domain when it does not work?
  2. Splitting setup into two options: option 1 - add 2 A records; option 2 - add CNAME record. When in reality it is mandatory to add all the “options”. What is the reason for having the setup split in the first place?
  3. The default redirect is from to, there is no way around it. I would prefer having a vice versa redirect, but I guess it is not possible.

After all of this frustration, I decided to share my successful setup steps:

  1. Add Cloudflare NS records to your domain registrar. Make sure that it is connected correctly.
  2. Turn on SSL in your Webflow project dashboard located in Hosting tab.
  3. Add custom domain in the same Hosting tab.
  4. Set to be your default domain. Selecting will resolve in TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.
  5. In Cloudflare DNS add two A records with a name @ and two values and
  6. In Cloudflare DNS add one CNAME record with a name of www and value Not adding it will give you ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.
  7. Make sure that only DNS service is enabled for each of the newly added records. Otherwise, Cloudflare will use their own HTTP proxy what will interfere with Webflow proxy and you’ll get TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.
  8. In Webflow check the status of domain connection. Once it says Connected go ahead and publish your project to the selected custom domain.

The whole process may take an undefined amount of time especially getting the Connected status from Webflow. Just be prepared to wait for both propagation times and “priority support” replies.


@leks - Thanks for sharing this. It is the procedure I use as well, so I know it works. Welcome to the forums.

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Thanks for this!

If we turn off SSL in webflow and use the CNAME instead of will it use the webflow SSL instead?


If you turn off your site will not have SSL. It’s not possible to use third party proxy, like Cloudflare.

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Thank you @leks for this explanation! Webflow has published a guide on how to set the root domain as default domain. I wasted a full weekend on this and I am hoping this makes someone’s life easier at least.