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DNS Settings with Cloudflare

Too bad that there were no replying from support contact forms.

I am using Cloudflare, but I could not find the a clear instruction on how can I setup the DNS settings there. My goal is:

On, it says:

  • If you’ve enabled SSL, you’ll need to set the full domain ( as the default domain. The default domain on SSL must be served on a domain that has a CNAME record.
  • If you’ve enabled SSL and want to redirect all traffic to the root domain, please read Setting the root domain as the default domain.

On, it says:

Add an ANAME or CNAME Record

Adding a CNAME record

But it looks like Cloudflare would not allow setting @ with CNAME.

Can anyone help?


did you ever figure this out, if so please can you add the records you ended up using here. I’m struggling with the same thing.

Hi guys,
You might want to check this post here :wink:

…and take a look at Waldos answer.


Waldos’s answers works fine.