Custom Domain Set Up

Hello community!

I’m having a bit of trouble getting my site to publish. I’ve connected the domains successfully (or so it says on the hosting tab) but when you access the site, it goes to a 404. Has anyone encountered this or found a solution? Here is the link:

Thanks so much!

If you follow all the steps in this video you should be fine:

With some hosting companies it sometimes takes a few hours to connect - It may be just a matter of time. Best of luck!

Hi @Paola_Batiz,
I get an redirection error in my browser. I don’t know when you have changed your dns settings, but it is possible that it takes your domain hoster some time to get things correct. I would try it in a few hours again and if the problem hasn’t fixed itself, we should look over your dns settings on the domain hosting service.
What hoster do you use?


Hi Maxi,

Yes I noticed that as well, but there are no redirects set up on the domain – which I find weird. I’ve been at it since yesterday so it’s had what I assume enough time to propogate.

I have two domians – one is on Name Cheap and the other is on Go Daddy.

Hi @Paola_Batiz,
I found a forum thread with a similar problem.

They say you should set the www. Domain as a default in webflow. I don’t know if this is the solution.
If this doesn’t work, we need to take a look on your domain settings in godaddy. Because your site is definitely set do a 301 (moved permanently) …