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Domain is connected, site published: but visiting url shows only 'Welcome'

I want to publish my site at:
Strange issue: I’ve changed the DNS settings for a subdomain (licht > CNAME >
The connection is OK. But after publishing nothing happens when I visit Only the word ‘Welcome’…

When I checked I see only in China a red cross :wink: All locations shows

Does anyone knowing what’s going wrong?


Have you followed the webflow instructions? A records and cname? If yes you have to wait for the dns to update. Can take up to 48h

As far as I know you don’t need A records for just a subdomain. Or am I wrong?

Alway need a pointer, add the a records

It’s working now! Sorry for the panic :wink: So wait and have patience.
I thought that if the connection in Webflow was good, the DNS propagation was done. Especially after I checked on
Apparently that is not yet a guarantee and it can still take a while.

Ha @JanneWassberg a records are not needed for subdomain. Only CNAME.

Where are your domain pointing? Are you using your domain elsewhere? There must be. Pointer so where

The pointers in webflow are used to point to the site

Yes, is hosted elsewhere.

If I understand you right you are managing your own dns. In your own dns you have to pint to webflow using ip

Your own domain is using ip,s not relative to webflow. If you don’t point your webflow site to webflow, how will it find it?

Sorry, no idea how it works, but it works. I have little knowledge of hosting and DNS. I follow the instructions step by step and that usually goes well.
Maybe someone else who can explain?

How is the dns records look like on YOU dns?

When did you update the DNS. I tooks a look and it looks good. Be sure that the is set to default

when i try it seems to work just fine

Sorry, I can’t reach that. Our client manages the hosting and DNS himself. I am not authorized to set or change the DNS settings myself. I will inform the administrator what needs to be changed.