Custom Collection URL empty

Hi all,
I currently have my site hosted in another server. When I designed the website I made it so the product’s URL would be like this:

Is it possible to leave the collection slug empty using webflow collections? It seems that I need to give a collection slug and my website would show

The reason I’m asking is because my site is well ranked in Google and I’m affraid it would ruin my SEO or maybe make users go to a broken link.

If not possible, the only other way I can think of to solve this is by using a 301 redirect (exhausting since I have many products).


301 is the way as you won’t get rid of the slug for now.

Luckily, Webflow crafted a system where you can bulk create multiple 301 rules using wildcards.

Can you read here and come back with more questions if needed?

Thank you! It would be great that in the future we could leave the collection slug empty. But for now I’ll go with your solution

Other CMS such as Wordpress have tons of options regarding CMS URL building. It’s a somehow important feature, although in my experience, even when it’s asked by clients, it doesn’t end being a deal breaker point. I’m 100% sure this feature will come to Webflow one day.

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