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Collection URL without slug?

Hi Everyone,

I just finished building a website for a client and he’s asking me for canonical url. He wants to have collection post to be public without collection url. Is this possible?


What we do - collection
Seats - page in collection

He doesn’t want to have url
He would like to have url

Do I need to remove this pages (services) from collection and make this like x number of collections or just do simple html pages?


Collections items will always include the collection slug. No way around that. You could create a redirect to a collection item or create a page at the desired slug. It’s also possible to do custom stuff when using Cloudflare and service workers but that requires some skills.

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There’s also one other technique you could use which I frequently do when building landing pages, that is to create a page wherever you want and then use a collection list to only display one collection item from a collection. You can lay that page out any way that you want.

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Thank you very much. I think I will approach option two. :slight_smile: I really appreciate your help …

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