Custom code triggers CORS block for Webflow's Jquery

I might be analysing the problem wrong but here is what I’ve got: In a custom written code, I am using Jquery’s load function to load a page of my website inside of a div. Each time someone clicks a button, this code executes and dynamically changes the content of the div depending on what button is clicked.

Now the problem is when you go on the page that has the load function and refresh the page (for some reason first load works as intended), the browser CORS-blocks Webflow’s Jquery, resulting in everything it depends on breaking (including my custom code).

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So, unless you reset Chrome or go on an incognito tab, you cannot get the CORS-block to be lifted.

I cannot understand why calling another page on the same origin is causing a CORS-block.

Here is the page with the load function
Here is my Read-Only

Hey Ozgun: were you able to find a solution to this issue? We are experiencing a similar issue as well.

Thanks! -s

Me too. This is becoming problematic.

I really need to resolve this issue. While calling ajax in custom script.
Your support will be highly appreciated.
Here is the part of code.

Spin up your own instance of that script on Heroku. The one you are pointing to is a demo. Then you won’t get a 403 (unless you exceed a limit).

How can I do this? Can you please guide me. I am new to this work

Here is the docs which Google could have led you to easily. GitHub - Rob--W/cors-anywhere: CORS Anywhere is a NodeJS reverse proxy which adds CORS headers to the proxied request.

Honestly, if this is out of your ballpark then hire a developer to move it along or take some online training to get up to speed.