CORS / 10,000 custom code limit

Hi all,

First time post on here as I’ve searched the forum and there’s lots of mentioned of it but I couldn’t find anything that helped. This weekend I’ve been using the custom code feature (Javascript) and things were going really well until I exceeded the 10,000-character limit.

Not a problem I thought, as I just put this onto Github/jsDelivr to point Webflow to the script. However, I keep getting a CORB-blocked message on the console when trying to load it.

Has anyone had this issue? If so, how were they able to navigate it? I’ve tried a different CDN and the same issue. Given it’s just my own code, I thought this would be simple but maybe(/probably) it’s just me being an idiot.

P.S. I’m more than happy to go away and do my own research (I have tried!), so feel free to just point me in the right direction.



CORS issues on a CDN? Counterintuitive.
I use jsDelivr frequently with no issues.

Share your published site and which URLs you’re seeing CORS issues on?