Cloudfront script blocked by CORS

I am getting the following error on my site:

The error is stopping drop down buttons working, tab toggle buttons working and also the burger menu on the mobile site.

I note the issue is also affecting webflow’s own site but according to service status, all is well?

Really stuck as to what to do to fix this…

Here is my site

Issue not present on my page load a moment ago. Try refreshing your browser cache.

Hi webdev, thanks for looking into it but alas the issue persists for mine and webflow’s website… (3)

I am seeing the same error with the jQuery link added by Webflow on
It only shows up on Chrome/Windows.

As a temporary fix I added my own link to jQuery in the head of the site:
<script>window.jQuery || document.write('<script src=""><\/script>')</script>

Face the same situation - go for the same temp fix - thx

Was getting this same issue in Chrome, preventing jQuery from loading and breaking much of the site animation on

Observed on several different OS X devices running Chrome.

Have used the same temporary patch to load jQuery separately, seems to work.

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