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Hey! I used a few tutorials to make the custom script that is in the body of the home page, but can someone please help me understand the following:

  • Why does it show 5 reviews, since I can’t find anything in the code about 5 and how can I change this to 3.

  • How does it sort/filter the reviews, because the reviews are not the 5 last posted reviews and are also not sorted from newest to oldest.

  • Is there anyway to filter for the last 3 posted reviews with a minimal of 3,5 stars.

I would want to change it to be the last 3 posted reviews with a minimal of 3,5 stars sorted from new to old. Instead of 5 random posted reviews sorted randomly.

Thanks in advance! Sorry for my english.

response with description why deleted by me

Hey thanks! Alright so if I pay I’m able to do this, does anybody know what it costs and where to buy this? Also does anybody have a paid account that is willing to show me how to set this up?

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