Custom code for webflow CMS item carousel (ecommerce)

Hello, @webflow and community!

How to make CMS items carousel for ecommerce site? What custom code should deal with it?

I have ecommerce site on webflow:
I’ve faced the situation that I should add all products to my site’s main page to increase SEO page rank. But if i will show all products on one page it would be absolutely terrible UX for our customers (site users).

The only idea how to solve this issue is making item carousel which would have ~50 products in each category into CODE for search crawlers on site’s main page. But our customers will face comfortable ecommerce design such as on big ecommerce site, Amazon, for example.

I’ve attached screenshots on interface with i would like to recreate by myself using Webflow CMS items.

Looking for any advice.
Thank you.

On Ebay and sites like this you have 6-7 sliders - each slider with X products from category X - and “see all” button (To page shop/categoryX-pagelist). Show “all products” under homepage mmm (who tell you its better for SEO?)

Try to work with Webflow Slider. For endless options and so on you could use slick (search on forum) -or- sliders like this (Not dynamic - manually)

Yes, @Siton_Systems, i didn’t mean absolutely all products. Let’s talk about 12 or 18 product from every CMS category. Thank you for your help. Could you give please full embed code example to make slick slider on webflow site with cms items into it?

If I will use standart Webflow slider, I guess that I should create specific field into CMS, which should be used to filter results for each slide. Am i right?

Btw, if I will use such method with standart webflow slider it wouldn’t work in different way in site’s mobile view, because cms content couldn’t be filtered in different than desktop version way. So standart webflow method would be not so perfect.

Thank you.

No way for now to combine CMS & Slider (See this wishlist topic) - and anyway slick is custom-code libary - for simple sliders (Not for CMS items - i never try this). But again the “1 < sliders” UI - is popular only in mega-mega shops (Amazon, groupon, Ebay, Google play etc.) - so maybe try to find simplier solution.