Dynamic expanding CMS slider?

Hi everyone,
We plan on having multiple categories of products displayed in different sliders in one page (showing 2-6 items per row per category, depending on screen size), as well as a “view all” button per category that then expands the slider (vertically) to show all content within it.

Any thoughts on ideal approach to achieve this?

hi @trynix can you post any live page example where this kind of slider was already done? On one side it may be possible when you build everything from scratch with help of JS but IMO you are asking for trouble with misunderstanding what slider is for.

To create Slider the way you need (2-6 item dependent on viewport width) is fine as you can use WF slider or any slider library as GlideJS etc.

You can add button “show all” to redirect to page with all products. This prevent huge loading time when you try to load all collections items (images) to one page with slider(s). But like I’ve said I have newer saw work with slider the way you have your concept but on other side I didn’t saw a lot of things.

Anyway, probably it will be possible but question is if it is worthy to spend time to develop it this way. :wink: