How to get these two embeds to display together?

I want to have two custom code elements on the same page. They are both for a restaurant, one lets the visitor schedule a reservation and the other displays reviews of the restaurant. Both use custom code provided by TouchBistro here: TouchBistro Reservations

I’m able to get one of the embeds to display on the page at a time, but not both together. Could someone help?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - HTML Test. The site is published here:


There is a check on their code to load the script only once window.bkda_script_count, you can try to set in the second embed before the script another script with

But if they added a check to load the script only once, there should be a reason

Thank you so much - I didn’t spot this. Not sure why they added a check to load the script only once! I hosted the javascript myself with the prohibiting lines of code removed and it worked.