Code works on preview site, not on live - Help!

A standard piece of restaurant booking code works fine on the preview site but doesn’t appear on the live site… It will appear on a live site if I don’t put it in a container.

“<script src=”//"; dmn-booking-form=“true” venue=“5f5894bcccb4d73ac45851e3” hide-offers=“false” hide-powered-by=“false” search-venues=“false” monday-first=“true” locale=“undefined”>"

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])

Live site: Reservations

Hi! I don’t see a difference between Preview and published.
Also it’s not possible that a JS code (<script>) works on Preview. Javascript scripts only are activated/loaded/working once the site is published.

What is expected to happen when the script works?

Thanks Vincent, this is what it looks like in the preview site: Reservations

Preview is this:

Can you do a screen shot with it working, in preview, so with the Webflow bar and sidebar?

Like this, Vincent?

(PS the Book a Table button is separate)

When published to the (edit) staging site

So, “Preview” means inside of the Designer when you click preview → no JS code executed.

All the rest is “published”, wether it’s published under the .io domain, which can be called “staging”, or on the custom domain. Staging and custom domain are the same, JS code executes.

I don’t know what “Live site” means though. Both .io and custom domain are “live”.

Ah, OK, I’ve always referred to the staging site as the preview site, my bad.
In that case the code works on the staging site but not when published to the custom domain. By Live I mean the site attached to the custom domain.

Any thoughts on this Vincent? It works on a live CMS site, but not when exported and attached to a custom domain.

@Hywel - Reservations loads the booking button which is rendered and has live URL attached. Is this resolved?

Thanks Jeff. No, the booking button works fine; it’s just a link, but the code showing the green reservation box doesn’t show on the live site.