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Finsweet CMS help "filterByClass"

Hey Guys.
Anyone familiar with finsweet CMS?

I can’t get their “filterByClass” to work. I want my search to search by “Country,” “State” and “City.” I have these fields set up in my CMS. The problem is I have a CMS field called “Property Info” and sometimes “Countries,” “States” or “Cities” are mentioned in this fields copy and show up in search results.

For example type in “New York” and “Australia” comes up as a choice because in the CMS field for the Australian “Property Info” it has copy that reads “and New York’s Le Labo’s…”

I’m not a coder and talked the company into trying Webflow, but the boss wants to pull the plug if I can’t get this fixed. So I appreciate any help.


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Welcome to the community @WebFlowin!

@Finsweet regularly posts here in the forum but they have a (free) slack channel that you can join that offers help with all of their CMS components:

They are super responsive and happy to assist with issues as long as they’re directly related to their CMS Library. I’m sure other users around here (including Finsweet themselves) may chime in to the thread as well, but I figured I’d point you towards that resource as they are more than willing to help their users out :+1:

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Thank you. I actually posted in there, just sending out an SOS everywhere because I’m in a race to save this.

You have over a thousand collection items on the page. Performance will suck. Page load is terrible. Filtering is slow. This is really not an appropriate solution. A third party search might work for you.

A third party search… like?

See integrations in the University. Personally I would do this with Algolia. But then you need some code skills.

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Thank you for the help