Custom Carousel Speed/ Sort by date

  1. On the “Works” Page of my site, I’ve used a template that gathered all of my works and put them into a quick image switcher that uses the first image from each. It moves very quickly, and many users have told me it is distracting and uncomfortable. Does anyone know how to change the speed of this animation?

  2. Right below the image collection, a list of my works appears, again automatically gathered. Is there a way I can custom sort this CMS data, or sort it by date further? Currently the only option is by year and length of title (and alphabet).

Thank you for any help!

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Hi @Jackson_Schad

  1. change your time in HOME #3 — Hero for each item from 0.35s to eg. 1.2s
  2. you have in your Work CMS item field order you can add number and set sort filter by this number