Rotate through images in grid?

Hi all!

I’m building a grid of brands on the site homepage pulling from a collection, however I’d like to be able to make this work so the images cycle through after a few seconds.

I.e. if we have 43 images, you would first see 1 grid of 16, then fade transition to the next grid of 16, then again.

Does that make sense? Please let me know if you’ve tried something similar!

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The slider element is a natural choice since it can have content structured how you want it.

So I could create a slider with grids? Apologies if this is a daft question!

I did this with a collection of our partner logos, and slider. On each slide add a collection list.

When setting up your collection add a number field called “Sort Order” and number the partner logos in the order you want to display them. Then on each slide edit the filter to only show specific logos based on their sort order. For mine I did slide 1 shows 1-6, slide 2 shows 7-12, ect.

I like this way because I can just swap logos around with sort order, and only need to touch the slider if I’m adding/removing from the total number of logos.