Custom audio players


I am new to webflow and have no code knowledge. I’m trying to work out how to configure an audio player for a podcast site. I’ve used an audio player that I found online from udesly and I have linked it up with the CMS.

The ultimate idea is to have the two audio players working in sync. If the user clicks on the main audio player on the landing page a supporting audio player drops down from the top to allow the user to navigate through the site while still having control over the audio.

I’m experiencing the following issues;

  1. The audio only plays via the top narrow audio player, I can’t figure out how to make the two audio players sync.
  2. When the site is published the top audio player does work but it takes about a minute after the page has loaded to start. Is there a way to make the audio load faster?
  3. Ideally I would like the top audio player to drop down after the user clicks play on the main audio player. I’ve tried to configure this using the webflow animations panel but it does not work.

Here are links to the site.

Read only link:

Published link:

I’m not sure if the above is doable but if anyone could offer some helpful pointers I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I just want to confirm that these links are valid on the functions of conversor youtube or I have to need another things for this.