CMS CSV Import - "The item does not exist" when it does

Hello again,

I’m trying to import about a CSV with 68 entries into my CMS with 3 separate reference fields, everything gets imported but starts failing at the reference fields. For a brief second I see it being correctly referenced only for it to disappear shortly after and being replaced with the message “This item does not exist in [collection name]”. I’ve tried adjusting the text in the CSV cell to use the “Name” spelling and I’ve also tried using the “Slug” spelling but neither work. This seems more of a bug to me because I never had any issues with this before.

Hope this gets fixed or looked into.

Edit: When I delete and manually write the exact same thing in the import field, then magically the error disappears and it can be found again. But doing this defeats the purpose of an automatic import.

Edit2: I tried to just import anyway and it seems to all work fine so this seems like a display error to me only. Should still be looked into though.


I’d video it and report it to support, they can confirm whether it’s a reproducable bug, and let you know if it’s known. If it is, they’re the only ones who could do anything about it.

Make sure you try turning off all of your browser add-ons too, just to make certain you don’t have something interfering with the react code.

Did you get anywhere with this? I’m having the same issue - but only with a few of my categories - very odd. Same thing where it shows ok then disappears -

I’ve been having the same problem. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to import the CSV items by placing the Slug o the reference field instead of the Name, but now that doesn’t work either, showing the same “item doesn’t exist in the collection”.

I’m having the same issues. I have single reference and multi-reference fields being imported with no issues. But I have one single reference field that keeps saying the “The item XX does not exist in XX” when it does. I’ve reformatted the data numerous ways, including changing the data type that is being imported. Nothing is working. I hope Webflow addresses this soon. Just wasted a few hours on this without any luck.

Same issue here. It’s driving me mad. No multi-reference fields but I have three reference fields. In the “Item Preview” panel the first item I’m trying to import tells me that something doesn’t exist in a collection, but if I skip forward a few items that same item IS recognised but other fields aren’t. It makes NO sense.

UPDATE: I pressed on with the import regardless. The data was all successfully imported and I checked every record for accuracy. It seems only the preview is messed up but it doesn’t inspire confidence.

Same issue. I just captured a video of how they show that the references don’t exist and then how they show up after import anyway and sent it to Webflow support. Glad they actually import but how frustrating not knowing if it will work.