Cross site copy paste is doing something wierd

I created a duplicate of my site and was making some changes to the second one. Let’s call them website1 and website2. Now I deleted some things in website2 that I wanna bring back, so I go over to website1, copy the previous section, and paste it into website2.

And instead of pasting the elements of website1, it is copying a section on website2 itself. I thought it was maybe because the classes are of same name. Fine. I changed the class name. Still happening. I thought maybe it was a glitch with the sections. Fine. I started copying children elements.

Which was working fine until I pasted a div block with some children element and interactions in it. Lemme give you some context here, website1 and website2 had the same block. I just removed all of children elements from website2. And now I wanted them back, so I thought instead of adding them one by one I copied the parent div. It pasted alright, webflow changed the class names and everything. But the children element were missing (just like in the class in website2)

I don’t know what’s going on here but it’s really messing me up and my time.

I can’t even share a screen recording here.

This is happening because of UUID
Under the hood each element is connected using some unique on there server to keep record

That’s all I know :smiling_face:

Not sure about the solution, hehe