BUG - A copied container, pasted on another page with the same class name does not paste the original copied container

There is a bug with copy+paste div from page to page. When I copy a div with content and styled elements in it, from page A onto page B, but page B already has that div class, instead of pasting in the div I copied in page A, it pastes a copy of the div with the same class name from page B…
Here’s a video to showcase the bug:

This has been happening for the past month or so, and it is frustrating to work with.

I hope this gets resolved.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Also, to clarify, the only way around this BUG, I’ve found is to add a combo class or make a new class to the original container that I am copying, and then paste it in the section on the other page. Only then the actual container that I copy gets pasted properly. It has to have a different class, otherwise I can’t paste it and it just pastes the same div-class from the current page… Hard to explain without seeing the video.

It just makes no sense why you would have to have a workaround like this for a simple task that always worked for years…