BUG - A copied container, pasted on another page with the same class name does not paste the original copied container

There is a bug with copy+paste div from page to page. When I copy a div with content and styled elements in it, from page A onto page B, but page B already has that div class, instead of pasting in the div I copied in page A, it pastes a copy of the div with the same class name from page B…
Here’s a video to showcase the bug:

This has been happening for the past month or so, and it is frustrating to work with.

I hope this gets resolved.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Also, to clarify, the only way around this BUG, I’ve found is to add a combo class or make a new class to the original container that I am copying, and then paste it in the section on the other page. Only then the actual container that I copy gets pasted properly. It has to have a different class, otherwise I can’t paste it and it just pastes the same div-class from the current page… Hard to explain without seeing the video.

It just makes no sense why you would have to have a workaround like this for a simple task that always worked for years…

I’ve started getting this same bug today.

From what I’ve searched, It looks like an known bug that had been solved at the beginning of this year, but now is back.

I tried the class workaround you suggested but it didn’t work.

That is frustrating.
I am still encountering this right now!..

Webflow please fix ASAP.

I am having the exact same issue and it is really holding me up, I am on a deadline and this is affecting my ability to meet my commitments. @Webflow why is this still not fixed? This is a super basic functionality that was working, and so there is an expectation that this is something that can be relied on. And you just raised your rates. Time to get after it!

ALSO: The above fix of adding a new combo class or duplicating and changing the class name is not working.

This bug is still present in the designer, which is time-consuming to work around each time.

I figured it would have been fixed quickly as copy & paste is a fundamental action in the designer, so didn’t initially report it, but it’s been there for a good few months now.

For anyone who needs it, you can temporarily create a component from the element you want to copy, and that will allow you to paste it regardless of whether it’s using the same class of another element on the page. Not ideal though.

@matthewpmunger – I think you originally coordinated on this issue.

As mentioned above, this is still an ongoing bug.

The solution from @alexdixon unfortunately doesn’t work in all instances (there are limitations in what can exist inside a component), but a solution that has worked for me is to create a wrapper element with a new class (e.g. .copy-me) around the element to be copied, and copy-paste that wrapper instead.