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Creating small code pieces for Squarespace

Hi there,

I love the possibilities that I see with designing in Webflow, particularly in terms of creating animations (text fading in on page load, things like that).

I am a non programmer, currently with a website on Squarespace.

At this time, I am NOT interested in changing my site completely too webflow.

However, if possible, I would love to design some discrete animations in Webflow that I could then theoretically put on my Squarespace site. This would be just small “code blocks” within the squarespace site.

I see there is an “export” feature, so it seems this may be possible. However, one thing that seems to be a potential issue. Squarespace does not allow me to upload a .js file. Rather, they support JS through “code injection”.

Does anyone think it would be workable to export code from Webflow and use on Squarespace?

Down the line I certainly could imagine migrating completely to webflow, but at this point in time just looking to do some simple things to start learning the interface.

Just reviewing my message, here’s perhaps a simpler way to put it.

I see the Webflow output includes

<script src=js/webflow.js" type = "text/javascript"></script>

Can I somehow just put the JS code into the page (what Squarespace calls “code injection”) within those script tags?

I know this may be a super newbie question. Thanks for any insight!


I think this is a question better suited for SS forum, as we do not know what their capabilities are.

As Samliew says we don’t know what we can do on SS platform. But say it was the other way around you would need to host the js file somewhere and maybe also the css files then include them in the header area of your page or site wide in the project settings and then add the proper html with right ID’s and class names. I did something similar when I was Bootstrap to a Webflow site.

If you want to make an animation and just quickly copy and paste code I’m afraid it is not working like that. Maybe you could use Hype 3 from Tumult to do that.

Thank you all for the advice.

For what it’s worth, I ended up getting a paid account and tried getting this to work. I couldn’t get it to work on Squarespace as I had hoped.

I’m still poking around webflow and excited to learn more about what I can do within the platform.

Just wanted to update the thread in case anyone in the future has a similar hope/need for webflow.


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