Can I host Webflow code on Weebly?

Hi all,

quick question. Would it be possible to export Webflow code and host it on Weebly? I’m not familiar with Weebly, but the client wants the files on Weebly.

The files are mainly HTML, CSS (not sure if there will be advanced JS animations) There’s no CMS, no e-co, no forms. A simple website of 4 pages.

And if there were a lot of JS animation, will this affect the hosting on Weebly?

Thanks in advance.

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Yup, you can! I’ve done this before for a separate client. You’ll need to make a bunch of modifications to the files though. JS should be fine as long as there is no jQuery (weebly cannot access jQuery via $, it has to be via jQuery() )

Weebly uses template literals (like {content} and {menu} ) to indicate things like drag and drop content areas and navigation menu items.

You’ll have to add these into Weebly.

Also, you’ll have to manually re-route all the file addresses. Weebly uses /files/theme/image1.jpg structure, so after you manually upload all the assets into Weebly you need to go through the HTML and CSS and change the file src .

If you’re importing on an existing Weebly theme, be sure to get rid of the custom JS in the Weebly theme.

As long as you’re getting your Webflow site’s code with the Export button, then hosting it anywhere else is not at all breaching any Webflow rule.