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Creating parameter url's

I have been asked to embed links from my blog in a third party site. They have asked that we suppress certain elements (links to other pages, menu bars etc.) on all the pages they link to, and ideally can offer a different theme for them.

I would want to add an extra “view in full site” button to pages like this where I had suppressed the normal menus and links. I don’t want to keep a cloned site for the third party - can I accept some parameter on my URLs that will allow me to give those that use it an alternate style like this?

This should be possible, but your stylesheet in this case must be hand-coded and hosted externally (as opposed to using Webflow designer).

To load the custom styles, you can either

  1. use jQuery to remove the elements that you don’t need, or
  2. load an externally hosted stylesheet to override what you currently have on the site

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@Waldo can you help with this at all?

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