Local Links Required

This has been raised a few times, but no one has answered so here goes…

We really need local links. I’m currently writing a website which is similar for a number of clients and want to copy the site. All the page names are the same. If I add a local link in a drop down or nav option webflow adds http:// - i.e., http://index.html instead of just index.html. I just want to add index.html (in this example).

See image below:

Any chance of adding this, or can this already be done and I’ve missed something? Anyone from Webflow?

? Dont know what your goal is or the requirements or any integration of external script, php whatsoever.
But you can target any site for a link with the dropdown?
Or whats the overall purpose of entering site links manually?

Only the template is created in Webflow so adding pages is not possible as they never exist. I then break up into header and footer templates outside and add the content area for each page so we can use CushyCMS. Unfortunately Webflow CMS is way outside our budget per site. There are often over 50 pages per site by the way

I’m sure this would still be useful as I usually add the home page and all the links long before creating sub pagers (if a regular all Webflow site).

So could anyone from Webflow consider this as an update?

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