External links in the exported CSS Code


I have just moved my externally hosted site to https and was checking to make sure it was not linking to http content as per Googles "we’ll typically choose to index the HTTPS URL if:

  • It doesn’t redirect users to or through an insecure HTTP page.
  • It doesn’t have on-host outlinks to HTTP URLs.

Anyway whilst doing a text search through my files I noticed the following links

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16092114/background-size-differs-in-internet-explorer (There is even this link to a stackoverflow post! :slight_smile:

This site was created in Webflow. http://www.webflow.com

  1. Do these all need to be included in the exported files?
  2. If they do need to stay do you have plans to update exported links to use the secure https versions that now exist e.g. https://modernizr.com?

Webflow link
External Link



Hi @Waldo as per your email I have added links to the original post.
Not sure if it’s significant but the site was based on the Simple template.

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