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Creating multiple pages using same type of collections

Hi all! I got this problem. There is a page named Team members in this template which is using collections with the same name. Now I want 4 similar pages like team members because the customer wants to group all the team members in 4 different pages (4 different business areas)

Is there a easy way (I am very new into this) to copy the team member page into 3 more, and then also in some how copy the collections also? I need to have 4 different team members in the collections also in order for them to update the members on the right page.

Really need help with this!


Hi @webbor,

Reference fields might be your solutions, but I am not completely sure what you are trying to do. Can you rephrase? or show an example?

Hi @avivtech! Sorry, I am explaining a bit weird! What I want is:

There is a team member page in the template which u can use for putting contact information to people including images etc. This is controlled by the CMS collection which has the name Team members. So u can easy update from there. Problem is that the client wants 3 differents team member pages because the staff should be grouped into 3 different areas of the company. So I need to add a function where I can tell the collection to put info about specific person which is visible of one of the 3 pages. For example there is 40 people, 10 of these should end up in Team member page 1. Thhe other in Team member page 2 and so on. How can I do this within the CMS the easiest way?

So this is pretty simple in Webflow. You need to use ‚Äėreference fields‚Äô and ‚Äėconditional visibility‚Äô.
You can find tutorials for it all here:

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