Workaround for Nested Collections?

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I’ve been doing some digging on my own for the past week, but I’m unable to find a workaround for my exact problem, maybe somebody could help me find a workaround for this?

I’m porting over a larger site with lots of data from Wordpress to Webflow.

I’m well aware at this point that nested collections are not an available feature yet, and trying to make this work is really boggling my mind. The problem in question is the “Team Member” tabs, I need to be able to reference specific titles for each of the tab link items (Yes, even the titles are dynamic from page to page), and the data and photos within each collection are dynamic as well. Here’s a visual I created of my desired data structure (Static Content is red, dynamic data is in blue):

Here are some screenshots of the current site I’m attempting to port over.

As you can see, the tab links (job titles) on the current Wordpress site are dynamic as well, conditional visibility is something I’ve considered, but I don’t think I’m able to link collection lists within the tabs component in Webflow. I’m in quite a pickle here, and thought maybe a set of fresh eyes on this problem could give me some sort of way to workaround the current limitations.

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with :slight_smile:

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@QA_Brandon @PixelGeek @Waldo @Webdev any ideas here?

Hi @MKDWebSolutions, how about this?

Why not use the Team Member Collections Template as your starting point for the tabs?

Basically you would place what you see above on your main page. Make a duplicate to your collections page and use that to reference. Go to the articles page within this link:

You can use this as reference by what I mean.

I created a ‘Category’ (you can name it positions if you want) for the reference fields. linked them to the respective articles (yours can be team members). This would fix one issue.

With regards to the images, not sure why you need to have these as a reference point. Titles I can see if there are many users with similar or same titles. This is where you can create a new collection within the main collections page. This will be a workaround to nested collections.

Hope this helps?

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Found a decent work around using multiple single referenced items and conditional visibility . Each referenced item becomes a pseudo “list item” depending on how you design it - this covers about 90% of my “deal breaker” use cases. Not the most ideal since you are limited by the number of reference fields available and it also requires some manual effort, but it gets certain jobs done in the meantime.

I have a feeling a lot of what’s going on with visibility based on single reference items is part of the foundation of a full blown nested list solution.


Thanks for the reply, I’m a little unclear about what I should do here. You’re saying I create the tabs within my “Team Members” collection page, then duplicate the tabs onto my “Find a camp” collection template?

I’ve gone thru and made a categories collection for each respective position, but I’m unsure of how to link them to the respective team members with images. Each category of team member has multiple people under one category, so I had to make 2 separate collections for the descriptions and images since I am limited to 60 fields.

I’m also unsure of how to only use the categories that apply to each individual page, let me know if you need more information, I’m not so good at this stuff and need a fairly thorough walk-through.

@MKDWebSolutions, could you provide a bit more thorough use example of how you want your information to be filtered?

@QA_Brandon, my issue has been resolved, @Jason_Green’s solution did the trick. Thank you for your help!

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