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I have been using Webflow for a short time and am amazed at how simple everything is to get up and running - coming from a very basic background in HTML / CSS for portfolio purposes. (I used indexhibit before but was after more complex features)

I want to take my website “to the next level” and some of the features I want to integrate I believe lend themselves to “CMS” or dynamic web pages, rather than static.

For now I have made a basic “project” page that I can easily duplicate and add content into bit by bit. but I have a feeling CMS would speed this process up and also unlock some new features that I am also after. Just to make sure I was wondering if some one could clarify;

Current Website

Example Website

For starters I am hoping to essentially duplicate the example and then begin adding my own personal functionality. The thing I really like about the example is the ability to click through certain fields within project pages (project type, team member, location etc.) and be taken to a new list of projects that have those similar characteristics (same project type, same team members worked on, same location) … I would also like the “front” or “main” page to operate as a “news” page and be populated with the main image from each project - if that project has recently been edited. so that newly edited items appear at the top of the page…

These are some of the basic features I am after. Now - will using CMS instead of static pages help me out in this regard - or am I missing the point entirely… from what I understand, the next step is to create a “project page” as a “CMS Page” like a template, similar to the base project page I would duplicate when doing this as a static page… then as I populate the information in my created fields for each project… the project pages should automatically then be generated…

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Hi @Phil_Wilson and let me first start off by welcoming you to our community of designers. It is great to see you already diving in and building your own site.

So to start, YES, CMS is your way of creating dynamic content that changes based on the content itself, not the page layout. However, you could have different elements based on the content you are providing.

There are many resources to get you started regarding CMS.

Here are my recommendations. Start with this video of the Freelancer’s Journey.

You could also watch this video for Grid.

As for the initial layout of the OMA site, I really wouldn’t emulate that design. It’s hard to follow and no true navigation other than scrolling its massive height of the site.

If you have any other questions, lmk,


Thanks for responding and the advice. I think I have figured out some of CMS main features. I am trying now to connect specific fields in a “project page” template (static?) I had made previously to populate / add - as I add new projects to the CMS collection … is this possible? Or am I missing something entirely…

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Currently I am working on

I was noticing as I was working through linking the various fields in the CMS project to actual elements on a “project page” I don’t understand the next step in terms of the linking… I think there is a part I am missing …the idea is to be able to very quickly make a “project” with basic text and maybe one image. each project has a set of attributes that on the “work” page you can filter according to each users interest, with most recent additions appearing first. from here you can choose certain filters and categories to narrow your search…

Hi @Phil_Wilson,

Sorry for the delay in reaching out. If what I am understanding you want the user to filter out their search? This is possible with category filtering, but finite filtering is not available natively in Webflow.

I do not see a share link of your project. If you can provide that, I can help you better and here is a video on how to do that.

Just trying to add this in now. I think I have set up all the “fields” correctly for a “project page” with CMS… now working on making the filter tab on the “work” page using,