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Dynamic Website Personalization

Hi guys,

We all know about CMSes and blogs but many of us may not know about DWP (dynamic website personalization). Essentially, you can target visitors based on device, time of day, location, and number of visits. This allows the site owner / devleoper to set up specific content or offers to select visitors. This supposedly increases customer conversion.

Duda has this technology and they call it InSite. I would love to see webflow integrate something like that here. I know that the webflow is working on some kickass stuff, but I hope that they are thinking outside the box a bit too.

I am a subscriber there too and love the fact that they seem to be more active. They are more active in releasing new features and they blog giving us some good tips to build our business. They have also produced materials that we can distribute and use to help us build our business.

The biggest downside to duda is their builder. You have to work within the framework of their existing themes so you really don’t have complete control, but they do have a CMS, blog, and InSite.

I don’t mean to get sidetracked into a feature-by-feature comparison. My main point is that I really hope to see webflow be a bit more active in how often they release features, more helpful resources, and just more forward thinking in general. And I can’t think of any better idea at this time than the example of duda’s InSite

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Having DWP is something used at a more corporate level, I’m working with it in a sitecore cms website, it’s intense. Much more complex in nature, with a lot of strength/capabilities.

Not something I see webflow integrating for a while (if they ever do). I could be wrong, but I don’t think the demand is there yet for webflowers. Maybe one day :). You’ve got your Marketing & segmentation hat on, most webflowers wear designer/developer/web-designer hats haha. :slight_smile: So I understand where you’re coming from 100%.


Yeah, I’d be really surprised if they added DWP capability. It just doesn’t seem to fit with everything I’ve seen from them but that’s why I wrote. I am trying to encourage them to think outside the box a little bit more. There may not be a big demand from it but that’s because a lot of people aren’t familiar with it. Just think how much greater that would make what we could offer to our clients?

True true :slight_smile: #ContentManagerNeeded lol

Essentially, what you’re writing here is something that would make Webflow unique (again!).
From my perspective DWP is a real advantage over the current “scale down” design mentality in Webflow.

Personally, the one thing that separates Webflow from all the other web building solutions I’ve used, is the ease to create something visually attractive. In other words: make something the way you want it to appear.

I cannot encourage people enough to read this article.

In short: most websites (also in the WF marketplace) are similar in structure. And we need designers to make a better effort to have content work with design. True designers, as @Waldo_Broodryk mentions, should make more use of Webflow capabilities. And be enabled doing so.

If DWP will be integrated, it would allow much more purpose-first optimization. And that’s a win for everybody.

Well surely you can just add some script at the index page top to query the device/location & then load whatever version of the page depending

For ‘number of visits’, bung visitors a cookie and count it’s total each time again at the page top.


of course you’d need to be able to access the page code/html