Creating and importing a new site process

Our non-profit has a website via webflow that I have taken over in a new position. I would like to re-build this website from the ground up, without interrupting the existing website.

What is the best practice for doing this? Is it possible to create a new site, even if on another webflow account and completely replace the existing website with an import when the time comes? Does Support need to be involved in moving sites like this?

Curious on how to approach it before I get started.

You shouldn’t need to contact support for this.
You can make a duplicate of the existing website in the original account. Then transfer that duplicate to your new account. Make all of your design changes in this new account.

When the time comes to launch the new version, you’ll go to the old account and delete the custom domain connection. Then connect the domain in the new site’s “Publishing” settings.

Adding to @Port_of_Folio’s advice, the one place support can help you here is to credit you any hosting on that transition. Not a big deal on monthly plans but helpful if you’re on an annual plan.

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