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Create a Voting Button Widget

Hi guys,

Is there a way to create a simple like button with a counter? Just a heart shape with a counter beside it.
Maybe with a simple embed code? I have no idea on how to do this, I hope someone can help me :wink: This is the kind of stuff that I’m looking for!

Kind regards


I built the codepen example in Webflow and when done I realized that the code was not that advanced =) It only counted once, only once. I’m not a javascript guy so I cant help you but here’s the site me trying anyway :smile:

Like me

Thanks for the effort @jorn, I really hope someone has a fantastic solution for my problem!

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Hi @ArjanLeeuwinga, it is no problem to create the design for the like button in Webflow :slight_smile: You can trigger the counting with javascript, also no problem. You still need a backend to save those likes.

If you have a detailed description what you are trying to do, we can look at adding this as a feature.

Create a wish list topic about how you would need this to work:

I hope this helps, cheers, Dave

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A like button of sorts has been on my mind recently as well.

I created a page full of quotes (via Webflow!) and was thinking if my personal website ever becomes operational then it’d be cool to have a little counter next to each quote with a thumbs up (or like OP suggested, heart) allowing the visitors of my site to get involved.

Here’s the page:

Also on a more advanced note (though not necessarily with this example), it’d be neat if we could organize the data … so say on the side of the page or even placed somewhere else, wherever, a small box that shows the top 5 likes, dislikes, whatever’s being tracked, number of times submit button has been hit, etc.

Thanks for listening.


Any news on this? There must be a simple solution… Anyone? :slight_smile:

Hi @ArjanLeeuwinga, assuming that you create a fancy button in Webflow, what service do you plan to use? Facebook? Tumblr ? Your own ? At the moment, it is easy to create a button, but we do not have a backend to save those likes. So while it sounds simple, it seems you are asking for Facebook or Tumblr like functionality that we do not yet have as a feature.

Could you help to describe the workflow, i.e.

  1. User clicks like button and counter increases
  2. likes are saved or retrieved from some source
  3. other things that you want the like button to do…

Cheers, Dave

Hi @cyberdave,

Basically the button should do number 1 and 2. It should be a voting button!
So the user clicks the like button, adding “1” to the counter which is saved or retrieved from “some source” haha ;).

Maybe there’s another way to create a “Voting Button”?

Kind regards

Hi @ArjanLeeuwinga, ok, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: Yeah, we really do not have this kind of thing yet, however, this is a great idea for a widget, so I have changed this to a feature wishlist item :slight_smile:


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Google search “poll widget website embed” - there are a bunch of free tools that generate the code based on a list and track data. Google Drive has one in the forms as well I believe.

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I would also like this feature and even the ability to upvote a post

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