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Creating a Mega Navbar Issue with drop down

I followed along a youtube video and thought I followed the directions correctly. However, to be fair, I did not start with a clean page. There may be something on the page that is causing the problem but I cannot figure it out.
Using a dropdown then styling the dropdown list the instructor shared how to get a nice effect from the drop down and make it look amazing. I made my simple.
The Problem: no matter where I click my mouse on the page the drop down appears. Don’t want this to happen, of course, so here I am.
If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated

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Thanks in advance for the help,

Clone this. Did you @PixelGeek’s video related to this? one

Thank you very much HammerOz! I don’t think I used PixelGeek, the writing in the drop down was pink, and very custom script font, other than that I am not sure. Thanks for the link!!!

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Hi Again HammerOz, I have fixed all the issues but one. on the portrait mobile device, the hamburger won’t open the menu. It seems to display (sometimes) a 2nd Hamburger menu when I click on the hamburger. Does this most of the time but will not display the actual Menu. I checked states and interactions but cannot find anything. Any help is greatly appreciated
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Thanks in advance for any help,

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