Creating a form with custom functionality and different email recipients

Hey team :wave:

I think this one is going to be quite unique as I haven’t been able to find any information on it anywhere.

Essentially I need to have 3 different contact forms on this contact page, users should be able to toggle between the 3 forms by using the buttons above the form block (sorry it’s in Swedish).

Then to make it even more complicated, I want to be able to send the form response to a specific email address based on the region that is selected from the first dropdown form field.

Is this too complicated? Does anyone have any other solutions to make this work? Is there some sort of form API/Plug-in that has this functionality?

Looking forward to hearing feedback.

Zeak :v:

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Hi Zeak,

For the 3 forms which the user chooses, you’d probably just want to use a tab element to keep that simple.

When the user fills in one of the forms, and you want the email notification to route to a specific custom email, the easiest way is to use an automation service like Make .com.

A second way is to use the standard Webflow form notification but have it go to e.g. a gmail account. Then, setup forwarding rules in that account where you check the email subject and then forward email to whomever you like.

You’ll find lots of discussion on both approaches here, it’s a frequent request.