Creating a family tree with CMS

Hello !

I’m working on a project for a client and I just started using the CMS system.
Basically the project is to represent the different family trees from big korean companies (Samsung family, Hyundai, LG, …)
The problem is that I have a lot of companies to do and the best way would be to kinda set up the things and I just have to input the datas using the CMS.

But then each family tree is going to have different shapes depending on how many children there is, if they are male or female, and what gets little tricky is that there is going to be an interaction when I click on a button to change the color of some of the family members depending on which group they belong to. For that I used two image, the basic image that represent a male or female and then an image which will be over it on opacity 0% and when I turn on the switch it goes to opacity 100% (maybe usinng display none / block would be better).

I would love to find a way so that I can just input the datas in the CMS and it’ll sort of build up the family tree.

I’m absolutly not sure if what I am asking for is possible, so if it’s not just tell me so I won’t have to look for a solution but if it’s possible it’ll be great.

Here is an example of what I am trying to build (this is a static version) :

And here is the ongoing project (using the CMS ) :

Thanks in advance for your answers.

I just want to precise, my main problem at the moment is to make the captions work on click.
So basically, when I click on it, the color of the members will change. To do so I put an image on position absolute and using display none. When I click on the caption the image should come to display block (using animations). But when I try that on my dynamic list item it doesn’t work.

Can you point us exactly where to look at your non working interaction? And can you just show us a screenshot of what it is and how it should be when hovered? Thanks!

@vincent, here is a link to @MoinardColin previous post Click animation on CMS object.
I think it is what he is talking about.
I tried to check it up and seems interactions will not work with “Multi-referenced collection”

I’m sorry if I’m not really clear, it’s not so easy to explain :confused:
This is the example of what I wanna do :
If you look on the right side there is a “caption” block. Click on one of the colored squares and it will start an animation.
That’s kinda what I wanna create but with dynamic content. It’s a quite simple animation where I just do display : block on an element on click and display none on the second click. But for some reason when I tried on my dynamic items it didn’t worked as expected.

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