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Hello guys, I’m beginning with CMS and I have some issues with it.

Right now I’m trying to do a simple animation where some object is in display none and will come to display block when I click on an other item.
So when I do that on a static page it’s working perfectly. I create and OBJECT A and put a click animation on it. I edit the trigger and use “affect different element” where I select OBJECT B. On the first click I do display block and the second click is display none. It works fine on static page but doesn’t with my dynamic content.
Well actually when I go on the preview on my dynamic page the object appear for a fraction of second and disapear right away. I tried to put the animation on just the first click and I also try with a hover animation but I still have the same problem.

Can anyone solve this ?

Hello @MoinardColin.

Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like your read-only link, screenshots, and your environment info really speed things up.

Guidance of how to share read-only link:


Alright, so this is the project I’m working on :

It’s quite messy because it’s far from being done. If you go to the page “Family Tree Template” you’ll notice on the side a “Caption”. On the first element I put an interaction that suppose to “reveal” some elements on the page, but it doesn’t. That’s what I’m struggling with atm. I also have some other issues such as I can’t find the "filters " for my CMS elements.

So apparently you checked one of my other posts about a problem on the same project. Maybe we can regroup the two posts here.

It was this one :

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Okay so apparently this issue is just a bug :

I didn’t understood, because on the preview the links weren’t working properly, but I checked on the published website and it’s fine, so I guess that’s just a bug issue or something like that.

I think reason of these issues could be that you point dynamic list to “not existing” collection

That “Family members collection” is just multy-reference field in the same collection that you creating template for.

Not sure it will work and filtering as you expecting. But think somebody from the team should look on it more deep.

I will let them know or you can email directly to

Oh okay, the thing is I kinda need to keep on using the multy reference system.

I had to create some BLANK member in order to “shape” my family tree. I know it’s not really clean but that was the only idea I had to make this.

I’ll try to email the support because I am really lost. Thanks for your help anyway.

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