CMS elements Interactions with fixed Div

I am trying to make a cms collection affect a Div and its content.
Basically what I am trying to do is to make a hover over on elements of a CMS.
The Hover over should make a div visible and its content from the Collection.
But what I cant figure out is how to make all hover overs make the content visible at the same place.

In my example the cms has Colors and i want the big Div(Colorfield) show the color depending on what field I hover over.
Under the cms there is my “solution” without using a cms. But for my case it has to be a CMS. :frowning:

Any Ideas?



Hovering an item and showing a colored div is the easy part. Just add a acolored div to the item, mask it and make an interaction to show it. By limiting the effect of interaction, each button will show its colored div.

And with interaction:

Now you want the colored div at the same spot. We can use Absolute. Absolute position will position the element regarding its closets positionned parent. So let’s make sure all the parents of the colored div have NO position defined, and let’s put a position:relative on the dynamic list parent, or any elment that is a common parent to all the colored divs.

Give a class to the dynamic item and style it static because by defaut it’s relative:

then make sure the dyn list has relative. give it a name and set it to relative because this one by default is static

Now the reference for position of the colored div is the dyn list

unhide the colored div and position them as needed

Hide it again and test your interaction


Thank you very much! I missed using the dyn item on auto. :slight_smile:

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