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Creating a cms for webflow project to host in another server

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for a developer that help me create a cms for a webflow made site! I know webflow have its own cms and its amazing! But i’m working with the local government for a congress and they won’t host other than their own servers, I really want to build the site with webflow and I need someone to make the cms for the exported code so I can host it there!

Hope that make sense and someone can help me with that! So, let me know if you can and lets discuss pricing and stuff!

Thanks a lot community!

PS. I haven’t designed the site yet, but the structure will be something like this one

Hello Ricardo
Hope you doing well
I can help you out with cms
you can reach me
Also via skype:cis.am4

Hi Ricardo,
This is something that I should be able to help you out on, as what you are needing done is well within my area of expertise
Feel free to hit me up on
Cheers and Have a great day,