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Need quotes for CMS Website

Hello, I’m a longtime Webflow user and I’m looking for someone or an agency to develop a CMS site for one of my clients.

Client needs a cms page to update and manage public events. Ability to pull events from the Eventbrite API. Integration with shopify items.

Example wordpress site is:

Client has a real budget and clear understanding of web development processes. Please email or ask any questions. Thanks, Camilo

Hi Camilo - Just sent you a private message with my contact information.

Hello Camilo,

I would be happy to assist your client with their project.

I am a long-time Webflow expert and design custom APIs and do API
integrations and am also very familiar with Shopify.

If you would like to take a look at one of my recent projects, here is a
website that I just completed:


Michael Kadron, IHS – CEO

Hyperpixels, Inc.

2308 W Doublegate Drive

Albany, GA 31721

(877) 641-2580, Ext. 101

Hi Camilo,

I am interested and would be able to develop this for you…
You can reach me on


Hi @Camilo,

I would love to design and build this for your client. I have 10 years web design experience. I have Shopify experience (just finishing a website in Shopify this week), and I am experienced in Webflows CMS and API integrations.

Here is my portfolio:

Feel free to contact me.

Teresa :slight_smile:
(402) 789 - 5590

Hi Camilo,

I can surely help you by developing the site in Webflow, As I have a huge creative and development team available with me.

Please reach me at below mentioned details
Skype: cis.am1
Email :

Reply Awaited

Thanks to everyone who has reached out. I have started discussion with a couple developers from the forum. Thanks for the response!