From webflow to external CMS

I’m looking for a developer for porting a Webflow site to an external CMS. We need that mainly for some limitations of Webflow cms.

The CMS can be WordPress but it is not mandatory, I would be happy to have some suggestion.

The main feature we need:

  • Multilanguage
  • Dynamic content for CSS grid (we have a product page with a css grid contains images and a slideshow, and we need to give the client the ability to edit the content for every product)

I have the entire website almost done in webflow so in around a week I will be able to start the job.

Thank you so much

i can definately assist you for your requirement. please provide me with your email address or email me at so that we can discuss this further.

I am an experienced developer and this sounds like something well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,