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Create user login and dashboard

Hi. I have a print on demand business. My main e-commerce website is hosted on Shopify
My business is working with artists who can upload their designs on to our apparel selection and make commissions when customers buy apparel with their art. I want to build an artist portal on webflow where artists can login, upload their designs using our templates and design tool (api integrated) and enter their bank details or sign up with stripe’s payout api to get paid, profile details, etc and have a dashboard to see all their designs that are uploaded and approved. how can I do this? I will also need a admin dashboard to monitor all of this. I know memberstack will not work for me. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Short answer, you can’t natively with Webflow. Even with third party integrations you would have a Frankenstein build at a minimum. I recommend you either look to see if there is a SAAS app that meets your requirements or prepare for a long stretch of custom coding. There are NOCODE app builders out there but this is not Webflow’s forte.