Create listing of var from a googlesheet

This is my first post :slight_smile:

I’am actually connecting a googlesheet data source to use data in webflow.
I’am not so friendly with javascript, but i have found a piece of code that connect google sheet to webflow. That work.

Actually, with my script, i have loop that create and populate item directly on my webflow template.

I would like how can i do instead of having loop to have some unique liste of data that i can use evrywhere on my template without loop

$data1 → {{data1}}

I’am not sure i’am very clear; that is my actual dev template

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Hi @altcodes :wave: welcome to the forum.

My approach would be to skip the custom Javascript code and instead use

You can connect Google Sheets with the Webflow CMS via very easily.

If you need to loop over items, Make has this ability too.

I cover a lot of these topics via screencasts and tutorials on my blog. Skim through it and I’m sure you’ll find some step-by-step tutorials that’ll help you:

Thanks for your reply. I know that we can use make or zappier easly, but it need to have paid account.
Actually i load well data from datasheet and connexion working, just need to adapt a few my code to push data outside the loop and get it in my template.

$(initobj.parentdivclass).append('<div class="sing-list w-clearfix"><img src='+singdat[5]+'loading="lazy" alt="" class="listing-img"><div class="listing-det"><h2 class="listing-head">'+singdat[0]+'</h2><p class="listing-parag">'+singdat[1]+ '</p><p class="listing-parag">'+singdat[2]+ '</p><p class="listing-parag">'+singdat[3]+ '</p><p class="listing-parag">'+singdat[4]+ '</p><p class="listing-parag">'+singdat[5]+ '</p></div></div>');

Maybee quite easy to change this to have the script working without zappier or make ?

Nope! Free: Pricing & Subscription Packages | Make

I can’t help you with that, but maybe someone else can!

Webflow Utils supports this-

You can use those loaded data tables for other things too, to feed your scripts, populate dropdowns, etc. View source on those docs pages to see how to implement them, JS is at the bottom for the examples.

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That’s a bad-arse library :+1:

Damn your script working well !!
I have load correctly the datasheet and used a piece of code on yopur page to populate. That work
I’am not good at all in javascript
I will try to set for each page extract a row then to fetch all the data that i need in the page (i look deaper on your template id to do that

The dev domain is neovity-charts

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