Create dynamic layouts for collections


We are transitioning our current website to WebFlow and we want to create a CMS for the blog pages. The problem is that while we have a basic layout for the blog pages, they all differ slightly. We want to have some flexibility in the content and layout of these pages when creating them.

The problem I see with the collections is that when a collaborator wants to create a new blog for example, they have to strictly adhere to a specific layout. This way they have no option to for example add an additional image should they want to. This feels a bit counter-intuitive to how a CMS should work and I am sure there is a better approach to this problem. I was hoping somebody could help point me in the best direction to go about a more flexible layout design.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Webflow is sleeping on a feature that enables multiple layouts for content collections for several years now. There are some workarounds showing hiding complete layouts based on a field in the cms item. But, like most hacking-around-professional-solutions this workaround is leading to unnecessary bloated code because you’re loading the same content for each layout variant.