Blogpost doesn't allow different layout of photos?

When I place a photo in a blog post, the layout of other blog posts change as well. When I create a new collage of photos in my newest blog post, my photos in previous blog posts move into this same collage or compositioning while I don’t want this.

Doesn’t webflow allow me to have different collages/ compositions of photos in every blogpost?

CMS Items are managed as templates in Webflow, so every change you made in the CMS Item template will reflect in all of the others because it’s a template. If you want to have a very unique design for every blog post maybe you should explore creating static pages for them, I know this isn’t ideal when managing a blog.

There are some other ideas like creating two or three different layouts and assign those layouts to different blog posts using conditional visibility or creating two different collections.

My point being that there are different options for this.

Hi! Thank you so much for your help.

You said making static pages is an option. Does that mean I can not use CMS collections anymore?

You also mentioned that besides creating different collections I can create a couple layouts to pick from everytime I make a new blog post. Do you know how I can make these different layouts? I really hope you can help me with this, I am very thankful!!
Gr, Lotus

I’ll try to explain it through steps.

  1. In your collection template create the 2 different layouts each one of them wrapped in a div called layout-1 and layout-2 or whatever you want them to be called.
  2. In your collection settings create a switch called ‘layout change’ or something similar
  3. Turn the switch on you just created for the blog posts you want different
  4. Select your layout-1 div and go to Conditional visibility, select the option ‘layout change’ and select ‘It’s on’
  5. Select your layout -2 div and do the same thing but now select ‘It’s off’

Once you’ve done this you have a changing layout collection depending if your switch is on or off for each blog post.

NOTE: You can do this with as many layouts as you want you will only going to need to create more conditional visibility rules in order to make it work.

I hope this make sense.