Create categories for my video portfolio

Hi, I’m currently building my personal website and I’d like to know if I can divide my videos into categories with a Basic Plan. Is this a CMS feature? Thank you in advance.

You can divide the videos into categories with a basic plan but it’s all done manually.

What do you mean by manually? That I can do it through code?

I’m saying that you can organize your videos by creating category pages/sections. For example, if you have videos categorized by: Nature, People, Music, Sports, etc. you would create a page for each and position those videos on their respective pages. Then, your navigation would show these categories and when a user clicks the link it takes them to a page with the vids from that category in it.

Okay got it. I think it would become quite slow to browse through categories, maybe I’ll consider the next plan. Thank you!

I just recently learn about sorting in a static site. Read more in the link below.

Yeah, even one youtube video embedded on a page slow things down a lot. I’d recommend using some image method (like a video thumbnail) for the top level page that displays/sorts all of your titles but then those titles can link to an individual page or modal that loads per selection.