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Divide collection list into categories

I have a list of records, each with its own category, is there any way of sorting the list by Category and putting the Category name at the top of each section? ie:

Category 1

  • Record 1
  • Record 2

Category 2

  • Record 1
  • Record 2

Yes, where category 1 is a collection list with a filter, and so on.

You can learn more about collections below.

I would like to add that the current limit of collection lists on a page is 20. Just plan for that.

Ah yes, good point, thanks.

Thinking about it, I still need a collection list per category? This means, if the customer adds a category, I have to add a collection list?
I was rather hoping to have one collection list, sorted by Category, each with its own title. I guess that can’t be done?

There is no way to do a code loop; as there is no code to loop!

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God, that would be useful.