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Create and manage the classes before assigning them to the elments

Hi, I have this question and I really appetite the help from anyone who can; How to create classes and give the the properties BEFORE assigning the to any the of the elements? later on I will use wherever I want. is it possible in Wbflow?!

Hi @Ershad That is a good question.

Try dragging in a basic DIV block onto your page. Then give it a classname and all the styles it needs. Then you can delete that DIV block.

Now you’ll have a style saved in your Styles Manager that you can apply to any other element just by giving that new element the same classname.

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful. I’ll be standing by for your response! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Nelson I think that’ll just do the job, now I have another question I’m not sure if it’s better to ask it here or open a new topic for it but I’m gonna ask anyways; How to delete a class permanently form the project?!

Hi @Ershad, good question. First make sure the style is no longer used by any element, then go to the style tab and click “Clean Up” to show those styles which can be removed in the example below, there is one style that can be removed permanently:

Then to confirm the removal click the Remove button:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you @cyberdave, it sure did help.

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