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Choose a class among others on an element


Here is my problem: I have 3 classes applied to an element and now I want to change some properties in one of the classes for example I have 3 classes like this: [ navbar navbar-ghost text-white ] now I want to change a property in .navbar-ghost class !! how can I choose that class and change things in it?

For example I want to change a property in the class indicated with red arrow, and I want to apply this class to other elements in the future too

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Ershad Thanks for joining the community! :smiley:

try clicking on this button to access the parent classes of that element:

Thank you for the reply! I did what you said and then clicked on on of the three classes, now are you saying that if I click on one of those classes like navbar then if I change anything in the properties blow will change for that class?!! I have to say clicking on any of the classes didn’t change any of the properties shown below it and the color of defined properties remains orange, so I don’t know what property is defined in which one of the classes !!!

Cascading style sheets will inherit the higher style when there is no overriding style on the next specific nested style. So if you changed parameters on the higher style and they didn’t change on the lower one, make sure to click on anything you see thats blue on the final style and choose, remove this style. That will make it inherit the new styles from the higher style. Hope that makes sense.

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