Create a WP Plugin from Webflow code?

I have a website built with Elementor on WordPress. I’d really like to design just the above the fold section on the homepage with WebFlow so I can take advantage of interactions, but I’d like to keep everything else the same. I thought that I would be able to just take the exported HTML, CSS, and JS from WebFlow and plug it into an HTML module in Elementor, however it doesn’t seem to be that simple…

What I’d like to do is find a way to put WebFlow’s code into a plugin which I could then add in the pagebuilder through a shortcode. Does anyone know if this is possible and where I could find some direction on that front? I have been searching forever but the only thing that comes up in my searches is WebFlow’s WordPress Pages plugin, which doesn’t do exactly what I need.

@Mitchie_D - what you are looking for typically requires developer skills since you would need to edit the page template used on the root of the site. Honestly you could use the plugin to just load a Webflow page as the home page and be done with it. It’s kind of what the plugin is designed for.

Other options would be to just animate the page using an animation library like GSAP from Greensock. It’s a pretty straight forward library with tons of features and it is very fast compared to IX2. Good luck with your project.

I do have some developer skills and I’ve made simple WordPress plugins before, but generally I can find examples that are at least similar to what I want to build and I can reverse engineer and modify them… In this case that’s proving to be difficult because my search results are just flooded with references to WebFlow’s plugin :expressionless:

I would love to just replace the whole homepage with Webflow; that would be easy. The problem is that I need to replace just PART of a page with Webflow

As you have probably already noticed that is not an option with the plugin. If you export a site that has a page you want to use you could then selectively add what you need to an existing template. You would get the baggage of the Webflow CSS (I would strip out all the unused code) and the overhead of the site JS file. Which is why I would probably just use GSAP. Have fun!