Ticketing and Voting Form

I need to develop a form that allows the user to vote on a prom king & queen and purchase a ticket. I am wondering how this can be done in a simple and efficient way on Webflow. Each client will receive an email of their ticket confirmation and the vote count so far for each candidate.

You can use native webflow forms to allow users to vote. Using a dropdown to select from or have them input the name of the person they want are two ways that come to mind.

For the other functionality you want, I think the easiest way would be to integrate Zapier to allow you to update a Google Sheet with the vote counts as well as trigger an email to be sent. You can see how it works below:

As far as purchasing tickets, maybe consider embedding a Paypal component if you dont want to use Webflow ecom functionality. Hope this helps.

Thank you for this response!